TV: Believe [Ted Lasso]

End of an era?

Hi everyone!
As you might have noticed there is a big move over to dreamwidth, as a backup in case LJ will crash or stops working for people outside of RU. I have a Dreamwidth account as I post icons in various challenges there (feel free to add me). But because it's a bit backed up right now I won't be making a backup of this journal, or my graphics journal. Thankfully I have icons from all the entries on my computer so they are safe.

I want to stay here for as long as possible, because this is what I know and love. But if it'll stop working I will move over to DW, and post everything there.

As for the stocklove_ic i'm making a backup right now, and from the next challenge I will post icons both here and there. Maybe we'll have some new participants :)